Cool Songs You Can Learn to Play on Your Electric Guitar

electric guitar songs

Every guitarist starts somewhere, and a lot of us eventually have the same goal; to display our hard work for others to see. It isn’t that we, as guitarists, like to show off or brag, but simply that we enjoy sharing our toils with those around us.

So what are some cool electric guitar songs to learn?

From beginner level to advanced, we’ll go over five cool electric guitar songs that will not only help you to hone your chops, but help you get a little recognition as well.

Before we begin, it is important that you understand how to approach new songs; slowly. Don’t rush in head first, as you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed. And worse, you may wind up developing sloppy techniques. Take your time with each piece and use a metronome to help build yourself up to speed.

Song Number 1 is Called End of the Line by Devil Driver

The first cool electric guitar song to learn is for you beginners out there. Not only is this song fun and simple, it is also fast paced and hard hitting. The guitar work involves trill picking and palm muting at decent speeds, so you will be able to develop these techniques so long as you start off slowly.

Song Number 2 is Called Jet City Woman by Queensryche

Our second cool electric guitar song to learn is for moderate level guitarists. This song is a progressive metal classic entitled Jet City Woman by the band Queensryche. Not only is this songs extremely well written with a well-developed groove, it also employs some unruly chord shapes.

These will help you to build finger dexterity, as well as open your mind to different chord alterations. Unlike most of the Queensryche catalogue, this song also has a fairly simple lead, which is great for you guitarists who want to learn to play solos.

Song Number 3 is Called Trial by Fire by Testament

The third song on our list is a mid-level to advanced-level song called Trial by Fire by the legendary thrash band Testament. The solos in this song by Alex Skolnick are what make the song lean a bit towards the advanced side, as they involve some fairly quick arpeggios, and a fast string skipping arpeggio at the very start of the song. However, this song is not impossible to learn, and will actually help you break through from a middle leveled guitarist into a more advanced guitarist.

Song Number 4 is Sleepless Nights by King Diamond

Our second from last song is for you advanced players who are looking for a new challenge. The song is entitled Sleepless Nights by King Diamond. The riffs in this song are fairly easy to grasp, but the solos by both Andy LaRocque and Pete Blakk are what really make this song so difficult. Not only will this song help you to develop your sweeping, alternate picking, economy picking, and string skipping, it will also give you a feel for perfectly executed style within a guitar solo.

Song Number 5 is Called Machine by Haji’s Kitchen

Finally, our last cool electric guitar song to learn is for those advanced players who are range-addicts. This song is performed on the seven string guitar, in B standard tuning. The track title is Machine by the band Haji’s Kitchen.

The riffs are extremely well constructed, and will give you a complete new outlook on writing your own. The part that really sends this song to the top is the amazing use of advanced guitar fills and the smooth, extremely well-constructed solo section.

So there you have it; five cool electric guitar songs to learn. You may have your hands full for a while, but once you have them down, you’ll be golden.

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